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Reflections on a Journey

"Oh how you have grown, little bird," Nergui said. With wonder, she admired the red robin's flight. She reflected on her own journey this year. "I think we both have."

The Walls have Teeth

"The palace was vast, but empty. Here, the black and gold of the palace in the Death Domain had morphed into emerald green and almost orange. Ahead, a bright light shone from a doorway. Nergui approached and peeked around the corner, not knowing that a

The Scroll or the Sword

"You're a Dream Guide now." That's what Zara had told Dane when he arrived in Limbo. But he still had a choice to make: would he become a Protector, or a Scribe? The scroll or the sword?   Prints available

Dreaming of Amtrecht

At first, everything seemed normal. Just a stroll along the canals, as she had done so many times before. But then she looked up. Above her head, the canal, houses and people curved up into -somehow- infinity. "This feels exactly like my dreams," Nergui said. She stared

In Safe Hands

As she entered the Dream, she became the stars, the clouds, the mountains - the world. She looked around in wonder at the dark landscape. But there, in the middle of the bushes, was a warm speck of light. As she approached, she saw it was

Moonlight Successor

"The Successor of Moonlight regarded her reflection in the pool. She wasn't happy with what she saw. She was reminded of her mother, who had lost touch with reality. Who forgot that humans, though their lifespans were short, had wants and ambitions and feelings of


"Than is the ruler of the Death Domain. She resides in a black-and-gold palace with endless hallways, surrounded by Lifelines of people on Earth."   Prints available

The Threshold

"Thresholds are portals that let experienced Dream Guides move from Dream to Dream by performing a Trust Fall. In a way, it's almost like the Thresholds have a life of their own and enjoy hiding in plain sight - in experiments by Dream Guides, the most

Nergui’s Nightmare

"It was a Nightmare. That's what Nergui kept telling herself, stoically looking ahead instead of down. The Netherrrealms were testing her, and those hands clawing at her feet were not her parents'. There shouldn't be more than two per person, anyway. That's how she knew

Between Two Worlds

"Nergui looked up from her bike, squinting at the clouds. Was she seeing it right? A face in the clouds? Why did it look so familiar? The people walking along didn't even look up. This was her own vision, stuck between two worlds."   Prints available

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