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Your Soul is Your Lifeline

"As she reached out to take her father into her arms, she felt a strange tugging in the back of her head. Instinctively, she tried to move forward, knowing - without really knowing - that she didn't want this to happen. Her eyes rolled into


"Alexis looked out over the field she had conjured up, towards the setting sun. A field full of flowers that she loved. A reminder of what she saw in her future, to help ease her guilt about what she was leaving behind.   She'd have to leave


"Ephraim used to be human, a long time ago. His time on Earth took place even before I was born, in a time when humans' souls were still allowed to grow old. Old enough to explore the Netherrealms and the Earth in their sleep instead

Seven Stages of Grief

"Qadan came rushing up the stairs when he heard the noise. He opened the door, thinking he'd find his daughter physically hurt somehow. Instead, it was clear she had started a new stage of her grief. Nergui had gone through shock and denial. Today it was

Ashes to Ardor

“At first, Dane was too dazed to realize he had seen me before, in a dream. He told me his last memory was incessant coughing and increasing heat on his back, trying to get the boy down from the chimney he was stuck in. In the

Little Did She Know

“My eyes went wide when I entered the dream. I knew this place. It was the abandoned Throne Room of the Dream Domain. Overcoming my confusion, I walked on. I found my charge on the floor, sitting with his head in his hands.  For a second,

Mother Time

“Mother Time took hold of a lifeline. The information coursed through her hands in a golden glow – we could see the Native’s eyes light up with the information that she processed. Slowly, she turned her head and pointed in the direction of the Library.

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