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Jumping from dream to dream

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There are two ways to travel in the dream realm: through portals, and through something called a Trust Fall.


Portals are doors available at set points in a dream and in Limbo, that are always connected to each other. One can walk through them without needing to learn how to use them, and end up in a random dream. Once a Dream Guide has learned to do a Trust Fall, they can also use the portals to bring others with them, or use them as a threshold to get to another dream. Skilled Dream Guides are able to choose which dream they end up in, as opposed to unskilled people walking through and ending up in random dreams.

Trust Fall

The act of jumping to another dream is called a Trust Fall. A Dream Guide can use any threshold – such as cliffs, a door, the entrance to a cave, stepping from a clearing into woods – to perform a Trust Fall. The trick is to believe, or trust, that you will end up in another dream instead of falling to the floor. In some way, it’s an exercise of faith. A skilled Dream Guide will be able to perform the Fall and direct themselves towards another dream, or back to Limbo. An unskilled Dream Guide that doesn’t have faith will fall to the floor and remain in the dream.

Jumping from dream to dream is an important skill to have for a Dream Guide. For one, it eliminates the need for portals, and two, it’s the only way to get from one dream to another, without having to go back to Limbo first.

In that sense, using more dangerous thresholds poses some risk. Dream Guides can be destroyed and be forced to move on to the Fountain of Souls in the Death Domain if their bodies give out.

As opposed to portals, Dream Guides haven’t been able to bring others with them over a threshold that wasn’t already a portal, though experiments continue.

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