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Zara is tens of thousands of years old, a direct descendant from the Denisovans instead of Homo Sapiens. She lost her community during a wildfire sparked by a thunderstorm in a village in Siberia, during which the village got trapped between two fires. A few


Ephraim is one of the oldest souls in the Netherrealms, stemming from the time when souls were still being reborn indefinitely and never returned to the Pool to be reformed into a young soul. When he tries to save his daughter from mental trauma by interfering

Death Domain

The Black-and-Gold Palace with endless hallways. Than resides in a black-and-gold palace with endless hallways, surrounded by Lifelines of people on Earth. This is the Death Domain. The Fountain of Souls also resides in this domain.

Time Domain

The Archive Time resides here mostly on her own, together with some Scribes who are doing research or helping her record.Time records everything that happens in the Realms through the Lifelines around her and sees the future. As a result of her oracle-like status, she doesn’t

Dream Domain

Once an active domain, now it sits abandoned. When Old Souls could still roam the Earth through their dreams, there was a code. Old Souls were not allowed to join with or interfere with other’s dreams. If this went wrong, your soul was damaged and traumatized,


Often a confusing mess of images and storylines that are very awkward to explain to others. The older your soul, the more control you have over your dreams and the way you can use them. The oldest souls were able to explore the world, even parts


Limbo is a place between all the Domains and the Dream realm. Dream Guides are, as opposed to in Dreams, not able to influence the environments, even though the environment will develop itself and sometimes change in inexplicable ways when you’re not looking. It is the

Reincarnation and Reforging

Every human, when manifested in the Netherrealms, has a Lifeline that connects them to the two remaining Queens of the Netherrealms. When a person dies, their Lifeline evaporates and its light goes to the Fountain of Souls - a galaxy filled with Earth’s souls - waiting

Jumping from dream to dream

There are two ways to travel in the dream realm: through portals, and through something called a Trust Fall. Portals Portals are doors available at set points in a dream and in Limbo, that are always connected to each other. One can walk through them without needing


Blue is a Prince of Death. He makes sure, together with his brother Nadir, that people who are clinging to life on Earth eventually get the guidance they need to get to the Fountain. He is the more stern person of the two, providing dying people

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