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Golden threads that go from a living Human’s head, up towards infinity. They are connected to the Queens of the Netherrealms, who stay connected to the humans through these appendages. Than uses it to keep track of who is born, who has passed away and

Qadan’s Apartment

An apartment near the city center of Amtrecht, where Nergui and Qadan still live. Anna has become their neighbor.

Throne Room | Dream Domain

When Old Souls could still roam the Earth through their dreams, there was a code. Old Souls were not allowed to join with or interfere with other’s dreams. If this went wrong, your soul was damaged and traumatized, rendering the soul broken. Because of this, the


People on Earth, who haven’t died. You’re mortal, live about 84 years at time of writing, and busy yourself with mortal things.

Dream Guides

Dream Guides walk the borders between dreams, and surpass them. They help the living by guiding them in their dreams, either through processing a traumatic experience or taking away nightmares. They belong either to the class of Scribes or Protectors. Dane is an example of a


Natives are creatures that have always resided in the Netherrealms and are deities of sorts. Examples are Time, Than and Tallulah, but also Red and Blue. They have elongated necks and don’t always present as human. They are practically immortal, though they can be killed


The Undying are surprisingly nimble, skeletal giants that terrorize Limbo and its Dream Guides. How they came to be and where they come from exactly still isn’t known, but there has been a surge in their numbers for the past hundred years, which is problematic


Mother Time is an entity that rules the Time realm, though Than, the ruler of Death takes more of an interest in it’s daily goings-on. Mother Time is like an oracle, but cannot differentiate between the past, present and future. Her palace includes a library


Tallulah was the rule of the Dream Domain, and oversaw the Human’s dreams until she was killed by Ephraim.


A Dream Guide (Scribe class), and my dearest friend. He was killed in his last life by chimney smoke, while trying to rescue a boy stuck in a chimney while sweeping it. When he first came to the Netherrealms, he fell into a depression and

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