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Dream Guides walk the borders between dreams, and surpass them. They help the living by guiding them in their dreams, either through processing a traumatic experience or taking away nightmares. They belong either to the class of Scribes or Protectors.

Dane is an example of a Scribe. They help a deity called Time in the Archive by recording what she’s saying, categorizing her visions into Past, Present or Future and trying to resolve conflicts by trying to make sense of her visions.

Protectors help keep the Netherrealms safe, for example against the Undying. Zara is an example of a Protector.

The Dream Guides are chosen by the Netherrealms when there is a need for new ones (due to an increase in dreamers or other Dream Guides being killed/departing to be reincarnated). The people who are chosen often have Old Souls, on the brink of being Reforged, and die by some traumatic event or while performing a heroic effort.

New Dream Guides haven’t been appearing lately, even though the conflict between the Dream Guides and the Undying has been increasing. Many Dream Guides have passed on as a result. Why more Dream Guides aren’t being chosen, both Dream Guides and Natives aren’t sure.

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