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Qadan in his younger years.

Qadan is Nergui’s father. After owning and managing a chain of café’s for a couple years, he sold off the successful formula and has gone into semi-retirement, sometimes investing in ventures he believes in. As such, he has a lot of time left to devote to micromanaging his daughter, who he has become very protective of.

He met Camille, Nergui’s mother, at his regular café when he still worked a retail job – the café he would later buy and build into a franchise.

At first it seemed every time they met was up to chance, but soon Camille joined him at his table as though he was the one she came there for.

As soon as Camille became pregnant, he felt it was not only his privilege, but his duty to marry the mother of his child. When he proposed, Camille first refused, saying marriage was a weird, short-lived ritual and stated they could also stay together for love, without the marriage. Qadan felt otherwise, and managed to convince Camille that he was marrying her not only out of a sense of duty, but also out of love.

They live a happy life as a family in Amtrecht, until Camille gets hit by a car while crossing the street and is severely injured. She is rushed to the hospital and Qadan and Nergui barely get a chance to say goodbye. When Camille dies, she tells Qadan to keep Nergui safe. What she exactly meant by that, they still don’t know, though Qadan thinks she meant that Nergui needs to be protected from herself.

During the SBD pandemic, Qadan becomes a victim and falls into a coma while Nergui is away from the house. She finds him sitting in front of the TV, unresponsive.

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