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Camille is Nergui’s mother and Qadan’s wife, originally from a small town in France.

She meets Qadan in his regular café by chance. She is so intrigued by him that she can’t help but come back and see him again. First she disguises the meetings as if they were by chance, but eventually it’s clear to Qadan that she’s coming to the café for him.

They become fond of each other and after a couple years, she becomes pregnant. When this happens, she decides that she wants to spend her life with Qadan and they get married at Qadan’s insistence.

They live a happy life as a family in Amtrecht, until Camille gets hit by a car while crossing the street and is severely injured. She is rushed to the hospital and Qadan and Nergui barely get a chance to say goodbye. When Camille dies, she tells Qadan to keep Nergui safe. What she exactly meant by that, they still don’t know, though Qadan thinks she meant that Nergui needs to be protected from herself.

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