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Nergui’s best friend, who tries to draw her out of her shell and introduce her to others. Anna became Qadan’s neighbour when her parents moved to another place and she took over the house. A couple days after moving in, she comes over to say hi. Nergui and Anna hit it off right away, and what was to be a short “hi” became a long dinner at Qadan’s place. Nergui and Anna have been fast friends ever since. She is known to her friends as outgoing, always everywhere and highly sociable.

It comes with the territory; she is a researcher/influencer with a large online following, and appears on TV often. She became popular with her show “Science Made Easy”, which makes complex scientific concepts more accessible to a wider audience. As well as this work on outreach, she does a lot of research.

She’s currently working on a project that’s trying to prove that stem cell testing is a much faster and more reliable alternative to animal testing. However, the research is controversial for various reasons, and the technique and applications are new. Thus, it’s met with a lot of skepticism and enthusiasm from different parties.

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