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Zara is tens of thousands of years old, a direct descendant from the Denisovans instead of Homo Sapiens. She lost her community during a wildfire sparked by a thunderstorm in a village in Siberia, during which the village got trapped between two fires. A few survived, but the destruction had done so much damage to the surrounding lands that their rations for winter were gone, and the survivors died anyway. She gets chosen as a Dream Guide and ends up in Limbo, instead of being reincarnated like the rest of her community. She witnesses Ephraim’s going rogue, and is one of the few survivors.

Tens of thousands of years later, she finds Nergui when she first arrives in the Netherrealms. She is protective of her home and when Nergui came to them unannounced and in an unorthodox way, and Nergui seems to have a great aptitude for manipulating the Dreams she has on top of that, she has a flashback to Ephraim and is worried that her home will be destroyed for a second time.

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