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My art over 17 years

My art over 17 years

I always think it’s fun to see people’s improvement over the years, so I’ve made a little compilation of my own! Earliest piece is from 2003, latest from 2020. 😉

2003 – 2006: Pixelated discoball moon (thanks to Fabs for coining the term), Kurt infatuation and Drow! Oh, and I discovered the smudge tool.

2007 – 2010: I discovered painting light on top of a bg is a lot more fun and cohesive. Big fan of Mirror’s Edge even though I couldn’t play the game for more than 30 min without feeling nauseous. Underworld concept for an Unreal lvl in college.


2011 – 2014: My first CHOW on conceptart/.org! Not a whole lot of work in this period b/c I just started working and I was too tired to draw in the evenings usually.

2015 – 2018: A gift for a middle/high school friend, more studies and a two month sabbatical in 2016 to nail down a story for Netherrealms and start producing concept art for it!

2019-2020: And here we are in present day. 2003-me could have never imagined I would be making this kind of work someday. I wonder what I’ll be looking back at in 17 more years. 

What do you think of your old work??

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