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August Insight | My workspace now vs. my workspace in a couple months

August Insight | My workspace now vs. my workspace in a couple months

This fall, we’ll be moving to a place where we have enough rooms that I can have my own office space! That means that I can finally have my art books, office knick-knacks and bureaucratic correspondence right by my side, instead of strewn over different closet spaces around the house. 

Having some 3D modeling skills as well, I’m able to set up the space pretty accurately before even moving in. So for this month I thought I’d give you some insight in my workspace now and in a couple months.

Right now, my workspace is in the living room/kitchen/dining room. Big plus is that I have an amazing view of all the greenery that’s in front of our house, so I’ll have to find a way to compensate for that loss in the new room. Big downside is that we don’t have much space for extra closet space without making the room seem crowded.

For drawing, I use a Windows workstation with a Dell Canvas (instead of a Wacom Cintiq), a Dell IPS monitor and I’ve done some frankensteining with a Mac keyboard and a Wacom ExpressKey Remote. Oh, and a tripod that is my “webcam holder” for now, since I use my phone for any video calls.

Here are some 3D renders of my soon-to-be office space. If you’re wondering why there’s planks on the wall: they were already there 😂 and I kind of like the warm vibe they give off for now.

Of course, imagine the book case to be full of art books, comic books and manga, small paintings, art supplies and such. Most of the books from the picture below will find a home in my office (any favs of yours in there?). I’ll be using the closed off space in the bottom to organize all papers in a suspension filing system (I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to those things).

What are the favorite parts of your workspace? Any tips to keep in mind while I’m still working on mine? 🙂

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