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July illustration | The Threshold – Final piece

July illustration | The Threshold – Final piece

“Thresholds are portals that let experienced Dream Guides move from Dream to Dream by performing a Trust Fall. 

In a way, it’s almost like the Thresholds have a life of their own and enjoy hiding in plain sight – in experiments by Dream Guides, the most remarkable places have proven themselves to be Thresholds. 

Take these cliffs, for example. Standing under the orb and throwing yourself off the cliff will transport you to another dream of your choice. If you have enough faith, of course.”

Whew! I ended up changing the clouds and the orb between the rocks quite a bit compared to the WIP from last week. I’m very happy with the fluidity of the clouds though. What do you think of the piece? Is it appropriate for hot summer weather?

For next month I’ll be diving into the graphic novel test! I’ve already been doing some experiments that should help me loads with the actual production workflow (and it’s working so far!) so that has me very excited 😀 I’ll show some of that during WIP week!

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