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January illustration | Between Two Worlds – Final piece

January illustration | Between Two Worlds – Final piece

“Nergui looked up from her bike, squinting at the clouds. Was she seeing it right? A face in the clouds? Why did it look so familiar?

The people walking along didn’t even look up. This was her own vision, stuck between two worlds.”

This is one of those pieces I could’ve spent forever on, nitpicking at all the little details. Eventually it’s time to call it finished and move on though. Curious to hear what you think about the piece! I changed up a few things, like the direction of the image, moving the camera over a bit and changing the values a bit to make Tallulah the focal point instead of having her compete with Nergui.

Ultimately I’m pretty pleased with being able to revisit a place that’s so dear to me! I’ve really come to appreciate the quirky architecture that is so typical for our old inner cities.

As always, prints are available in the store!

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