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Work insight: Composition studies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIEFfrc6JJ8 Always keep learning! This last quarter of the year, I'm doing some composition studies every week to learn about new ways to tell my stories. I set myself a very measureable goal too: 3 times a week, a half hour at a time. Anyone got

Workflow tip – Reference

Remember artists, reference is your friend! I use PureRef for ALL my projects and collect a bunch of inspiration, reference pictures and sometimes even text to keep all I need close at hand. It’s always open on my screen. Here are some ref boards from

My art over 17 years

I always think it's fun to see people's improvement over the years, so I've made a little compilation of my own! Earliest piece is from 2003, latest from 2020. ;) 2003 - 2006: Pixelated discoball moon (thanks to Fabs for coining the term), Kurt infatuation and

How I keep up with what I post where

Earlier this year, I had a moment where I was completely overwhelmed by having to keep up what content I had posted where and when. I have about 10 platforms that I’m active on (my newsletter, Patreon, reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Discord, etc.) that all

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