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July Insight | Netherrealms was supposed to be a graphic novel

Above is a short test I did in Clip Studio Paint to try the tools for graphic-noveling. What amazing specialized software! I dove into the archives for this one. Netherrealms was first conceived as a graphic novel instead of a series of illustrations. Why? Because comics

May Insight | How painting realism teaches me to paint fantasy

I've recently been dabbling in oil painting a bit. It's different from my digital and client work, and I imagine my next step being some still lives or some more elaborate portrait studies.  I'm basically painting realism and trying to copy what I see as best

April Insight | Why I use the gradient/lasso tool so much

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX7z39qIJ8M When you think of painting, you think of brushes. But even though I call myself a digital painter, I use the lasso tool and gradient tool a lot. Why? First, for those who don’t know: the lasso tool allows me to make a selection on the

March Insight | Writing Netherrealms

In 2016, I attended a week-long workshop organized by Chris Oatley, called the Storytelling Summit. I'd written a draft for Netherrealms before that, but after I came back, I rewrote the story again to incorporate what I'd learned. To do that, I use a software called

February Insight | Netherrealms website preview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgUzrGPTE8c Thought I'd share the progress I've been making on the website in this 1-minute video! I've got the basic look set up and the recent illustrations have their home - now I just need to decide how to showcase all the older content I have.

January | Work insight: Building & maintaining my composition

I already showed you all the thumbnails I have for this year’s Netherrealms content last month. I figured that I’d focus on how I construct a composition for a finished illustration for this month’s workflow insight!Sometimes, I have a concept in my head that I

November | Work insight: Survivorship Bias

This month, I want to highlight an article I wrote for my blog that seemed to resonate with more people than usual. It's less about drawing and more about mindset, but that's also an important part of my work. I think realizing what survivorship bias

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