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Finished Pieces

November illustration | Little Did She Know – Final piece

The Dream Guide's eyes went wide when she entered the dream. She knew this place. It was the abandoned Throne Room of the Dream Domain. Overcoming her confusion, she walked on. The woman found her charge on the floor, sitting with his head in his

October illustration | Enter the Netherrealms – Final piece

"The door was ajar. Despite her nervousness, she couldn't resist. Nergui gingerly peeked around the corner. What she saw, she couldn't believe." The final piece! Nergui entering the Netherrealms - and also the new Tier icon. I'll make the switch as soon as this illustration goes

Netherrealms | Forest Fire finished piece!

Nergui saw, in the forking chamber filled with a dozen tunnelways beyond, a robed figure standing almost as still as a statue, so tall and slim, it was as if his body had been stretched. "Another one." Dane tried to shift his tone into something more

Netherrealms – Mother Time // Updated

I ended up changing the final illustration a little based on feedback from a Patron, so I'm sharing the updated version here! Can you spot the difference and do you agree it's a positive change?

Netherrealms – Mother Time

 “Mother Time took hold of a lifeline. The information coursed through her hands in a golden glow - Nergui could see the Native’s eyes light up with the information that she processed. Slowly, she turned her head and pointed in the direction of the Library.

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