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Commissioned work | Dungeons & Dragons Characters

While I’m wrapping up another commission that I’d love to show you in the future, here are some fun characters I drew for clients recently! The cool thing about DnD characters is that you usually get a backstory and character traits with the brief, which

Special Offer Update | Prints have been posted!

I posted the prints yesterday, so they're underway to their new homes! With an envelope this time, to protect them from the weather :) Interesting tidbit: no idea if you have this in other countries, but we can buy our postage stamps online and then write

Commissioned work | Fantasy book covers

While I work on this month’s Netherrealms piece, here’s some client work I did that you might not have seen yet. The first is a book cover for Editions Léha, a French publisher. The book is called “Le Roi des Hyènes” (The King of Hyenas). AD:

One week left! Top 3 reasons to become a Patron

One week left until the Special Offer is over! Some reasons to become a Patron (or bump up your pledge): • A one-time postcard print if you pledge $6+ • Early access to finished paintings • Give your opinion on my WIPs • Access to ALL half-hour timelapse videos! I've

Special Offer until April 8th!

One more thing today - Yesterday marked one year since this Patreon's launch! I'm very thankful for all your support over the past year.  To celebrate, I want to tell you about a Special Offer that's available until April 8th. I'm sending every $6+ Patron that has joined before

Netherrealmsart.com is ours!

... now I just need to make the website. The poll ended up in a tie, so I had to make a decision myself! It was between netherrealmsart.com and thenetherrealms.com. I ended up going for Netherrealmsart.com after all because of a remark a Patron made: when you've

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