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Special Offer Update

Special Offer Update

A little update: the Special Offer is going well! Right now I’ll be able to send 10 people a postcard next month, and that warms my heart! 

Remember, if you’re currently pledging less than $5, you too will be eligible for a postcard if you increase your pledge this month. If you’d like one, up your pledge before November 30th.

And drumroll… here is the postcard! I actually have a question to ask of my Patrons regarding the art, so I’ll be putting up a poll for them to give me some insight.

In addition to that, we’ve reached our first Patreon goal! 🎉 In the coming months, I’ll be designing a home especially for the Netherrealms, and I’d like your input on what you’d like to see there! Keep an eye out for polls and questions. 🙂

Just a couple more days and then we’re back to normal! Apart from updates on the postcard illustration, of course.

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