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Special Offer: Final Hours!

Special Offer: Final Hours!

The final hours of the Special Offer on Patreon have started! At midnight GMT+1, the offer will be completed and this exclusive postcard won’t be available anymore.

The amount of Patrons has already doubled this month and I’m so glad to be able to say that – sharing the Netherrealms with you is a big dream of mine and you’re making a big impact in my ability to bring more of the Netherrealms to life.

But, I’d love to send some more postcards out next week! All patrons who are pledging $5+ as of 30 November will be sent an exclusive Holiday Season postcard with this illustration! A small token of my gratitude towards your support this year. 

Remember, this also goes for current Patrons who are already pledging $5+, or Patrons who up their pledge!

It won’t be in print anywhere else, so make sure to pledge $5+ before the end of the month to receive the postcard with a personal message from me.

I hope to be able to share this with a lot of you – I’m really excited to be able to send postcards to a couple places all over the world already. 🙂

As always, any questions or remarks? Let me know!

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