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One week left! Here’s why some others entered the Netherrealms.

One week left! Here’s why some others entered the Netherrealms.

Today marks one week left on the Special Offer! Instead of blabbing about the Patreon myself again, I’d like to let some other people do the talking. A little while ago, I asked Patrons why they joined the Netherrealms in the first place.

Some of you might have seen these floating around on social media, but I’d like to collect these in a post over here as well. This is the space it’s about, after all! 

Kim Wedlock:

I’m here because your work is both inventive and exquisite. It’s wonderful to get a sneak peek ahead of everyone else, I feel like my feedback matters, and it’s brilliantly insightful to see your process. It’s a wonderful little bubble of creativity landing in my inbox ♥

Marcel Zwamborn (my dad):

Hi Rengin, I follow your work because I like your technique, your varying approach to different themes and your characters. The messages with new studies and finished drawings are a welcome artistical wake-up call during the day that there is more than the texts I am used to work on/with.

Brad Culwell:

I’m chipping in because your art is so full of personality, and I’d love to see what you can accomplish with even more time to devote to Netherrealms. The world is a better place with your art in it.

Thank you for your kind words – this kind of feedback is incredibly motivating and makes me very happy to hear. I’m excited to bring more of the Netherrealms to you all!

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