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Commissioned work | Fantasy book covers

Commissioned work | Fantasy book covers

While I work on this month’s Netherrealms piece, here’s some client work I did that you might not have seen yet.

The first is a book cover for Editions Léha, a French publisher. The book is called “Le Roi des Hyènes” (The King of Hyenas). AD: Bleuenn Guillou. The book is out now!

The second is a book cover for Casey White, a prolific author! This cover is for an omnibus of her Librarian series, which should be available later this year. 

While I’m talking about client work: here’s a reminder that you can also commission me for your own projects, whether they’re personal or for your business. I have this page set up on my website with more info about the whole process.

Have a good week!

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