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Commissioned work | Dungeons & Dragons Characters

Commissioned work | Dungeons & Dragons Characters

While I’m wrapping up another commission that I’d love to show you in the future, here are some fun characters I drew for clients recently! The cool thing about DnD characters is that you usually get a backstory and character traits with the brief, which helps a lot to create a good visual. Here are descriptions from the brief:


Sika is a forest gnome, just under a meter tall and roughly 20 years old. She wears the skull of a deer that covers her face like a mask. She’s a gnome that fights monsters, casts spells and lives in a forest with an independent character, so practical attire is important. Sika’s religion involves bones, mushrooms and fire, so her spell casting focus lies in creating flames, poisonous mushroom spores and general nature magic.


Zinnia is a rabbitfolk wizard, of the order of the scribes. In the image, I’d imagine she’d be looking curious or anxious, have books and other magical trinkets on her belt, and be clutching a gnarled quarterstaff. She has blue eyes, and I picture a big round set of silver glasses perched on her nose. Her garb would be a cobalt blue with silver and white accents.

Remember: if you, or someone you know, is looking for some custom artwork, I’m open for commissions! You can fill in the brief in the link, or send me an email at artbiz@rengintumer.com with your questions.

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