Hello, I am Zara. I have been a Dream Guide for, well – very long. Millennia. A lot has happened in the Netherrealms, and there’s a story to tell.


A story about a young woman, Nergui, and her love for her parents. About ancient creatures that roam the Netherrealms, even older than I. About coming back from Death, even if you don’t want to – or accepting it, even though it’s difficult. And about vengeance, and what it takes to overcome that.


As it happens, storytelling is one of my favorite things to do.


I would love to show you around. Click “explore” to begin.

A project by Rengin Tümer


Supported by Patrons and het Stimuleringsfonds

The newest discovery…

The Netherrealms graphic novel has launched!


The first scene is being published weekly until at least October. Supporters of the Netherrealms project get weekly updates indefinitely!

What is Netherrealms?

A fantasy story told through monthly illustrations.


Netherrealms is a fantasy story that transports you to a different world where milennia-old creatures roam, dreams are a responsibility and personal growth is a must.


Every month, Rengin releases a new illustration that reveals a bit more of the story of Netherrealms. The accompanying story snippets are written as if told by Zara, your Dream Guide. The illustrations on this page are just a few of the stories in here.
Mother Time took hold of a lifeline. The information coursed through her hands in a golden glow – Nergui could see the Native’s eyes light up with the information that she processed.
"Nergui looked up from her bike, squinting at the clouds. Was she seeing it right? A face in the clouds?"


Nergui shares her world with Dream Guides like Zara, people on Earth like herself, and Natives, who rule the Netherrealms.


Below are a few important characters in this story. To learn more about the rest of the inhabitants, click the button below the portraits.


Nergui is the main character of Netherrealms. Find out more about who she is and how she gets stranded in the Netherrealms.


Zara is tens of thousands of years old, a direct descendant from the Denisovans instead of Homo Sapiens. She gets chosen as a Dream Guide and ends up in Limbo, instead of being reincarnated like the rest of her community.


Mother Time is an entity that rules the Time realm. She is like an oracle, but cannot differentiate between the past, present and future.


On Earth and in the Netherrealms, there are a couple different races, with different… interests.


People like you and I. Mortals with curiously short lifespans.

Dream Guides

Humans, but with a twist. Dream Guides are humans with Old Souls who are the brink of being Reforged. They are usually created by dying during a traumatic event or performing a heroic effort. After death, they reside in Limbo and guide the living in their dreams.


Natives are creatures that have always resided in the Netherrealms and are deities of sorts. They have elongated necks and don’t always present as human. They are practically immortal, though they can be killed by bodily harm. Where they go after that, we don’t know.


Netherrealms’ story plays out through numerous worlds, including Earth, Limbo, Dreams, Death and Time.


The world we know, and experience consciously. Earth is the same as you might know it, except for the addition of a city called Amtrecht – the place where Nergui and her family & friends live.

Currently, the world is being swept off its feet by a mysterious pandemic, which is putting people in a coma they can’t seem to get out of.


Limbo is a place between all the Domains and the Dream realm. It is the realm where Dream Guides land when they are chosen, and the place where they have their home for as long as they stay.

The Domains

The three Domains are called Death, Dreams and Time, each ruled by their own ancient Native. As their names imply, each domain busies itself with a different part of life.

The Death Domain is where we go when we die on Earth. The Dream Domain keeps an eye on our dreams, and the Time domain records everything that has happened, as well as seeing the endless possibilities of the future.

What do you want to discover?

The gallery

The latest discoveries

See the story of Netherrealms unfold, told in illustrations. Month after month, the world will expand and I will be able to explain more.


Pieces to take home

Take home a piece of the Netherrealms. Prints are made on archival paper with a giclée printing technique, making sure you’ll have someting beautiful to put on your wall and be reminded of its story every time you look at it.

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If you’re not looking for more “stuff” but do want to support the project, consider making a one-time donation or pledging a monthly amount to the Netherrealms Patreon. 


By doing so, you’ll have our eternal gratitude, but to give back, you also gain access to a Patron-only area with extra content such as work in progress previews and complete timelapse videos that show you how each illustration is created.

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